The Probability Meter





How to decrypt the Probability Meter values?

All values and colors have to be watched closely.

1. Multi-Info+ :
more than 75 (red/green) for strong Up/Down trend

2. Indice Strength : 0-1-2 for strong Down trend, 7-8-9 for strong Up trend, 3-4-5-6 for sideway

3. Currency pair range :
range of 5 or more between the 2 currencies.

Example: 7-2, 9-3 etc for a strong Up trend .

0-5, 2-8 etc for a strong Down trend.

4 and 5 :
red color for Down trend, green for Up trend and Orange for sideway

The global value in percent (%) have to be watch closely and with experience you will have feeling. This value is the combination of the 5 values listed above.

75-80% is a good point for triggering a trade.


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The Probability Meter

The Probability Meter gives the most probable way where the trend is going. Because it is based on current feed and is updated each coming tick, this is a great tool for scalping or short term trading style.

The global result in percent (%) is calculated with a strong formula according to a combination of price action, 13 standard indicators on 7 timeframes and 2 additional indicators ... your 2 preferred mq4 trend indicators will be coded inside your personal Probability Meter.

Ferru's probability meter is a tool that doesn't require a lot of screen time use with it to get the "feel" for trades setting up. With all the info the meter gives and with your other confirming methods, 20 pips takes sometimes minutes to bank when you wait for the signals.

I'm really excited about the FerruFx probability meter and wanted to share how I use it to make pips ever since I received my copy with my 2 chosen indicators and my personal settings.

I mainly use the color and direction of the 2 bottom boxes which house the arrows. I first look at the H1, H4 and Daily for present trend.  I then use a combination of M1, M5 and M15 for my trades.

If I'm trading just sells, I will enter on red boxes with arrows pointing down. The M1 will give me a heads up if the move is about to retrace when the red arrow turns green followed by the M5 and M15 and I take an exit from the M1 if M5 and M15 red arrows turn orange. I admit I jump the gun sometimes and get a snap back and lose out on a few pips but still by then I have 12+ pips.  I also play an EMA cross of the 5 and 8 and if I have angle and separation on the M15 I will often wait out the M1 retracement and wait for price to continue on it's downtrend.

If you want to take a position trade on the higher timeframe like H4, you can observe the M30, H1, H4 and take your trade when all 3 timeframes have all red/green in the boxes and arrows pointing the same way.  Moves of 100+ pips are not uncommon from the boxes all agreeing.

I find the probability meter a great visual tool for any style of trading.

The Probablity Meter works on these 12 pairs:


7 new pairs added:


and new features:

»  Alert pop up and email settable at your preferred trigger

»  Users can change colors: text, lines and values

» Users can display only a tiny "values-box" instead of the big box

»  Auto-detect for IBFX mini customers


As we all know 20 pips a day with 1 standard lot is $50K a year.  I do trade this live and have had 50 to 100 plus pips just plucking 12-15 pips here and there.


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When you purchase, included will be the mq4 files for both of my favorite Indicators that you may or may chose to be coded into your personal meter.  I'll also give you the Support & Resistance file for your MT4 charts.   And I've written a short tutorial of how best to use the Probability Meter.  All of this is yours when you purchase!  This is one of the easiest trading setups for directional trading that you'll ever find....Order Now!


I am taking orders for FerruFX.  If you are interested in purchasing, the price is normally 69 Euros via PayPal.  To see how much that is in a different currency, please click here to visit a currency converter:



Please click the PayPal buy button below and then follow the instructions below.

By filling out Step 2, I'll be able to send you my short tutorial for the Probability Meter and the bonus indicators.


Step 1:

NOTE:  you do not need a PayPal account to pay via only need a credit card or debit card

  Terms and Condition of  Purchase:  We will NOT refund anyone for any reason! 

Please type your name and email address HERE ------------------->  and agree to the purchase conditions


Step 2: 

Thank You for ordering FerruFX's Probability Meter!  I know you will love it!

Please look for an immediate email reply in your inbox/spam/trash folders and click the confirmation link inside the email. 



Email ( *Support @* ) your PayPal confirmation payment receipt and the 2 trend
indicators (mq4 files) you want to be coded inside the Meter with your personal
conditions for define up and down trend (example: zero line cross, price
below ma, etc …)  If the indicators are standard ones in the MT4 platform, you don't
need to send files. 

TIP:  if you aren't sure which trend indicators you should send, just tell him to use:

FX_Sniper's_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger.mq4  and  MegaTrend.mq4

(these are the ones I use)


 Provide the platform account number where you want to use the
Meter.  It can only be used on this account.

Your Probability Meter will be emailed to you as an attachment within 48 hours.

All support requests for this indicator should be sent to Support @


I hope you enjoy this forex trading tool as much as I am, and I hope it brings you many pips!

Happy Trading!


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