M   =   Momentum

 A   =   Acceleration

 X   =   Exit

For Use on MT4 platform only






Click below to see real screenshots of some MAX trades:


NOTE:  most of the indicators, etc.  are deleted from these screenshots so that we don't reveal our proprietary methods


Click HERE to see a 5 min trade netting 950 pips in 2.5 hours


Click HERE to see a 30 min trade that netted 5200 pips in 37 hours


Click HERE to see a 1 hour trade netting 2100 pips over 2.5 days


Click HERE to see a 4 hour trade netting over 6000 pips in 30 days


1 hour uptrend chart with arrows

(this trading session pulled in over 1000 pips)


5 min down trend chart with arrows


Note:  these chart setups are just to give you the idea of the indicators and template you get.  You can't see the money management strategy which is really the heart of this course and is how he wins 500-600 pips on many days.

All trades are managed using Tiger's special lot sizing for scale-in's and scale-out's when trading the retracements...this is the best part of the whole system and is how you make so many pips per trade...more than any other system I've ever seen or traded.



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Forex trading is a risky business!



Cynthia of Day Trade Forex


The MAX Manual Trading System

How many years have you been forex trading and looking for that trading system that's worth a million bucks?

As a trader of stock options and forex for the last 13 years, I've written my share of forex trading systems, and while they have their place and value, 5 years ago I was introduced to Dr. Jim Pruitt's  MAX Manual Trading System, which I have found to be truly superior.

Trading retracements is not a new form of trading....there are lots of trading strategies and eBooks that teach how to trade retracements. 

 But actually having the confidence to jump right into a trade on a pullback is a gutsy thing to do...and if you've tried to trade that way, you know what I'm saying is true.

Here's a picture of a typical retracement trade:

See where the blue up arrow is telling you to jump in long?  How many of you would really have the courage to do that?

Well, with some extra indicators and moving averages and some practice with Dr. Pruitt's strategy, you would have the courage to jump right in.

Not only that, there is a money management system that really pulls the pips for you.  I know this to be true because I've attended his live webinars and have received the training and I live trade his method myself, since 2008.

Would you believe that his manual trading system has made 667 pips in 11 hours of trading?   It's true, I was online with him when he first showed me his trades  back in March 2008 and we counted the number of pips. 

And the great thing is that he didn't spend much of this time in front of his pc, in fact hardly any time at all, just enough to initiate the trade and close it later.  This is because his indicators include the arrows that sound an alarm to buy or sell...and he can be anywhere in the house and get to his pc in time to open or close the trade.

But the real reason his system makes so many pips in one day (more than most traders make in a whole month!) is because of the money management method using a unique scale-in and out method for trading retracements.  And we MAX grads do this day after day after day.....

and now you can too!

This is a structured mechanical system ... not automatic or an EA ... and it is not for the faint of heart.  There are 'conservative' and 'aggressive' modes.  

The computer 'spots' the 'potential' trades, but you have to pull the trigger.


You'll receive new indicators and templates that you've never seen before and you'll learn how to use them to find those million dollar moves and squeeze them for all the juice you can get.

The template setup for MT4 will help you see potential trades more clearly than ever before.

You think you know how to trend trade already? 

Well, what  you'll learn is how to be really profitable at it:  how and when to get into a trade... and when, where and how to multiply your pips using the scale-in and out money management method ... and how to stay in the trade to squeeze even more pips out of it....and then, how to exit from the trade so you don't give up profits.  In fact, you'll learn eight different exit strategies and you'll learn how to get out of a bad trade with the least amount of lost pips.

But the real strength in this trading system is how Jim's system (aka Tiger to his trading buddies and students) teaches you how to incrementally "scale-in" and "scale-out" with a specific money management strategy when a trade is moving in the right direction.

You'll learn an absolutely phenomenal and incredible way to add onto your position when in strength, sell 1/2 at a sign of weakness, then buy double the lots when the price continues in the strong direction, sell 1/2 at  the next sign of weakness, then repeat, and repeat again....and this is how he can literally squeeze 4 times the number of pips won in a day than most people win in an entire month of trading.

All trades are managed using the MAX system's special lot sizing for scale-in's and scale-out's when trading the retracements...this is the best part of the whole system and is how you make so many pips per trade...more than any other system I've ever seen or traded.


Here's a screenshot of a typical MAX trade:



Here's a YouTube video showing one of our Master MAX trainers, Eusebio, counting the pips from one of his trades:

Want to learn Tiger's secrets?



Here are some real live unsolicited testimonials from MAX students:

In the middle of the thick forest of endless Forex trading methods, eBooks, trade robots and indicators, there stands a crown jewel known as the MAX method of trading. 

This method, pioneered by Dr. Jim Pruitt, is a
unique and highly successful, yet very straightforward assembly of indicators and a strategy based on trend following and incremental scale-in trades placed on pullbacks. 

While pullback trading is a well known
methodology, Jim's strategy makes it almost effortless.  Jim packages his method and indicators with several hours of video training that will get even the most novice Forex trader up and running in no time. 

What's refreshing about Jim's method is that unlike most of the other hyped and slick glossy trading products out there, Jim takes a mentoring approach to cultivating successful traders of his method and stresses the need to practice and be patient. 

I've been trading for many years and the MAX
 method is hands down one of the best of the best.

Craig Stoltz
Founder, Forex Autotrader's World (FXAW)

Note:  Craig is currently coding an EA for this manual system


Jim is old and opinionated.  So am I.  We mostly share the same opinions. Jim loves chocolate and liberty.  So do I. 

Before Jim came into my life and
introduced me to his trading system I was really struggling to find a trading system that worked for me. 

Jim is flat out a FABULOUS trader, with a fabulous system.  I am physically handicapped and Jim helped me not only
with learning his fantastic system but he modified it to help me with my physical limitations. 

I will always be grateful to God for the day He
introduced me to Jim.

Montana Slim


I had the privilege of undertaking the Max training with Jim and I found it very helpful in my forex journey.

I had tried several other systems previous to the Max system and what Jim teaches is by and far the best.

It is straight forward and easy to use and Jim is a very passionate about what he teaches.

John C., NZ


I took Tiger's beginning course. It is very practical, hands-on.
Jim makes you work hard, but the hard work pays off.  He is straight-forward and a real "tiger".  Great value for the cost. 



Jim, a quick e-mail to thank you for MAX training course. 

Your ability to describe complex ideas, and break them down into understandable pieces is excellent.

As well your patience and perseverance in ensuring we got the important messages was most appreciated.

Count me in for any future training that you may be conducting.

All the best, Tim


Hi Tiger,

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful course!!
You are a great teacher and I learned a lot, actually more than I've learned anywhere else.

I love the indicators you gave us, and the way they work so well together.

I'm looking forward to our next get-together.

Best regards, Barbara


I would say it s a very straight forward, highly consistent method
IF you take the time in the 4+ week class (2 sessions a week) to practice!

The Doctor is absolutely there to spread the knowledge...always sets up a Google Group Room where all graded homework is posted and all / any templates or indicators for MetaTrader4 that he has developed are placed for you immediately after the class session is complete. Then you have full access to these to collect (download) and utilize the remainder of your MAX trading career.

Cost is extremely reasonable AND the tuition is typically cut to 50% for retake classes (up to 3) and a final 4th revisit is free. See the web page he returned to you for details.

Re-taking for me is a must (too much going on to get it all nailed the first time round). I am in my first retake class presently....Big difference in my overall comfort, awareness and understanding the critiques more thoroughly than last time. And most importantly, you feel the set ups and exits more and more intuitively each time. He has a GREAT support team as well.

Having a basic awareness of Meta Trader 4 software before sitting through the class is advisable!


CDR Charlie




      Just a personal note, I know I sent you one before, but honestly, thank you so much for teaching me your system.  I am in my fourth day of trading it, and I still
cannot believe the results I am getting. 

I still have not developed the guts to stay in long enough in a trade yet as in practice because I am using my small live
account, but I've been scalping profits off the table left and right.  So far 24 wins and 2 losses.  I've just been doing baby pips 20 pips here, 10 pips there etc.  It's so easy. 

Most of my entries are off the MOE on the 4 hour which I may switch to the 5 min to give myself confidence to stay in the trade a little longer from watching 
potential SCs etc......but it's all making sense and coming  together the more I trade it.

      I know it's only been 4 days now, but wow, I am truly excited. Words can no longer describe how I'm feeling.  I can actually picture myself trading full time if this
continues and that means being able to spend more time with my recently widowed mom and wife and being able to travel around the globe which has been a long time dream
of mine. 

You must be some type of Angel or something.    Believe me, I need one the most right now in my life.  Thanks again Jim.

      Wayne V



My name is Terry C., I live in Washington State USA and I am a 2nd time student of Dr Jim Pruitt. The current class has many members...a lot of whom are returning members.

Without going into boring detail I too, have lost ("given away") many dollars in pursuit of Forex education to the so-called experts.

I signed up with Dr Jim on the advice of a good friend who is also a member of Dr Jim's group. I was down to my last $3K after the sub-prime meltdown.

HIS TRAINING WORKS!!!....not only does it work...but it does so in spades!

His training is current, fluid, evolving and hands-on...AND IN REAL TIME.

His training has helped me turn my account around and for the very first time, the Forex Market is donating $$$$'s to me. I'm not given to raving about things but if you want to be a successful trader and accomplish the things
that you say you do in your email, then get into Dr Jim's Course.

He has a few rules tho' and he is a meticulous teacher.

You have to do homework after each session and submit it for analysis by Dr Jim. He looks at EVERYTHING and grades it PERSONALLY --- if it is not done correctly it has to be re-submitted (and re-submitted) until it is correct!

His program covers aspects of Forex trading that are amazing (especially for your account!) - but astonishingly simple in concept when they are outlined by Dr Jim.

You will learn everything that you need to know to become a successful trader... a hugely successful trader.

Many graduates from Dr Jim's earlier classes have gone on to be full-time traders within weeks of finishing his class.

Well, I say "finishing" ..but not really... many return for refreshers and to get extra knowledge. Jim's storehouse of info is vast and very entertaining.

His aim is to ensure that all of his students reach their potential... no matter how long it takes. Everybody succeeds....no one fails thru' lack of effort on
Dr Jim's part.

If anybody falls by the wayside it is thru' their fault...by not studying and doing the work.

I suggest you behave like I did and sign-up for Dr Jim's Training.... I have never encountered anything remotely like his teaching; and I confidently predict that you haven't either. You will NOT regret it.

I never give testimonials for anything but this is a decidedly welcome exception!

Best Regards

Terry C.

Former student of Dr Jim Pruitt (and very glad to be so!)



Bereavement Notice:

Since Dr. Jim Pruitt has passed away in the spring of 2009 from cancer, the MAX training has been taken over by two of his best graduate students, Eusebio and Jerry.  The excellent technical and customer support team provided by Craig and Chris have remained the same. The entire team is dedicated to continuing Dr. Pruitt's goal of creating successful forex traders and the MAX trading system remains the same. 

Tiger, may you Rest in Peace....we miss your growls.



Please visit my other website that will show you the schedule of upcoming free live intro webinars and where you can sign up to attend:


The whole point of the MAX Trading System is that it is a system, concept, methodology and training package (depending on how involved you get), that can teach you how to extract more profit, more pips from a trend, than nearly any other ‘regular’ system.

If you can trade profitably now, The MAX will show you how to increase that by another
30% to 100% to 300%, depending on the trend.

If you are just starting out, the MAX Courses will teach you how to be profitable trading the
Forex markets, Futures, Indices, Stocks etc.

And with our solid focus on having students do their homework, checking others’ work & being personally evaluated themselves, success rates are high.

All sessions will be recorded for your download...if you miss a session, you can download it and watch it at your convenience. 

Homework is highly encouraged!  It’s the only way you will really learn this trading system!

Be prepared to practice the teachings and submit screenshots of your trades!  Be sure you are ready to commit time and energy to this important endeavor.

Learn to get 2 to 5 times more profit from a trend than ‘regular” systems.

Basic Requirements:  basic average to professional forex trading experience/abilities on the mt4 platform

Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given once a paid-for course has started.




Attending the MAX webinars requires MT4 trading platform experience ... either real or demo.

This is not a basic/beginners course ...
all students should be familiar with the MT4 platform ...
and the forex market and trading in general ...

We MAX traders won't be worrying about a recession/depression because the pips are worth gold!   MAX traders typically make more pips in one trade than most traders make in a month!

We hope to see you at a MAX webinar! If you want to REALLY learn how to trade the trends, you'll be glad you signed up.

Click here now to sign up for the next free live intro webinar:



Happy Trading!  


The Day Trade Forex Team

Author of 4 forex training ebooks.





*Disclaimer: MAX Training and affiliates ... receives a fee for its services. Trading in the Foreign Exchange market (FX, Forex) is very speculative in nature, involves considerable risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Therefore, before deciding to participate in Foreign Exchange trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Investors should only use risk capital when trading forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Any mention of past performance is not indicative of future results. Account access, trade executions and system response may be adversely affected by market conditions, quote delays, system performance and other factors.  Any principle or affiliate or associate of the MAX trading system holds no responsibility for any trading losses.  The purchaser of the MAX training accepts and acknowledges this disclaimer and claims total responsibility for his or her trading practices and losses, if any.


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